About us

Who Are We?

JUXER is a project group founded at the end of 2019 in Taiwan, developing voice synthesis tools such as Yaroid with the goal of voice preservation and restoration.

We found that there seemed to be a lack of tools with good user experience and aesthetic simplicity in the field of sound engineering, so we began to plan and produce new tools with modern UI/UX.

Starting in 2020, we were fortunate to collaborate with Timedomain on voice synthesis technology, and the quality of Yaroid's voice synthesis has greatly improved. At the same time, we also provided the design and user experience logic for voice synthesis tools as the development foundation for ACE Studio.

In 2021, we began to provide a Japanese solution for the ACE singing synthesis engine and tried to launch our first virtual singer after the collaboration.


JUXER is not directly affiliated with Timedomain, but belongs to a special system of deep cooperation and parallel development. It also operates as an agent for ACE in overseas and Taiwan regions.