About us

Who Are We?

Initially, JUXER was a research group established by a group of volunteers in Taiwan in 2019. Our focus is on developing better voice synthesis related tools, such as Yaroid software, aiming to create amazing artificial synthetic sounds and simple and beautiful operating interfaces, and to preserve and restore historical songs or sounds.

Recognizing the market gap in providing excellent user experience and aesthetically simple tools in the field of sound engineering and amateur sound production, we began to plan and produce new tools with simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use UI/UX. For this reason, we have officially developed into an artificial intelligence software company.

Starting from 2020, we established a cooperation with Timedomain to enhance voice synthesis technology. As a result, the voice synthesis quality of Yaroid has been significantly improved. At the same time, we have made contributions to the design and user experience logic of voice synthesis tools, laying the foundation for ACE Studio.

In 2021, we expanded our product range by providing a Japanese solution for the ACE singing synthesis engine. In addition, we also launched the first virtual singer "Hiiragi Yuki" under the Juxer brand, which is a project jointly developed by us and Timedomain.


JUXER participated in the development of the ACE Studio project under Timedomain. Here we played a guiding role, made contributions to the development of a multi-language architecture, and introduced a better UX framework and UI design creativity to ACE Studio.

In addition, JUXER also acts as an agent for Timedomain in Taiwan and overseas, including singer databases and ACE Studio software. It is worth noting that JUXER does not directly participate in Timedomain's marketing or customer service activities.

Before JUXER

JUXER was originally the MX Design team, specializing in providing UI/UX solutions for major enterprises/brands, as well as various design contents such as: CSI corporate image identification, brand packaging... etc.

Projects we have collaborated on include: DeepVocal2, Microsoft Xiaoice XStudio2, AudioMirror VSTi series plugins... etc.